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Fool of a Took! Get us rid of your stupidity and throw yourself the next time!


Pip in Mushroomland
24 August
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~About the Took~

Name: Peregrin Took
Date of Birth: 2990
Age: 20-30-ish something... Up to you.. Movieverse or Bookverse.. I like to say i am My Own Verse.
Height: Taller than Merry
Eye Color: Again, up to you, but i think i know about my eyes more than you. Don't you think? *bats eyelashes*
Hair Color: S A M E A S A B O V E .. And for the record, yes it is sort of red. so STFU RINGER GEEK!

Profile: Uuuuhhh? I.. Have to think for this sort of things Ack, anyway.. *clears throat* I am the Son of Paladin Took, yes The.. *dun dun* Thain, my mom's name is Englatine Banks: i have three annoying sisters, they go by Pearl, Pervinca and Pimpernel (Wow, lots of "P"s O_o *goes off topic as always then comes back*) mmm sorry about that Unfortunately, i am the youngest.
What else? Oh yes! I am supposed to be mention that i go with Frodo with this Quest, and lots of things happen but i am really lazy to type them out, besides i am supposed to type about me here. Right?
I am obsessed with digital cameras, stupid pranks, being a retarded jackass, getting drunk, stoned, Merry's ass, lasses, annoying my sisters, food and mushrooms.. No don't bother in searching for that in the books or in the movies because it is not there You can always harraas my mun because i am not "canon" if you want Oh i am also supposed to mention that i am filthy rich and dumb as a brick.. But sometimes i am smart, ask Merry *nods sagely and grins* I have a stupid sense of humor, when you are a dork like me everything makes you laugh, I also love to hang out with my friends and make a completely fool of myself..Hence the name Gandalf gave me.
Oh, heck..What else i could say? I am not interesting at all, and nobody reads this crap profiles in LiveJournal anyway.. They just tell you they do so you can friend them back in order to increase their friends list and to have more comments.

Oh and for the record...... Never mind.. I forgot... >_

OOC: Ooh..Guess what? I'm not real, not interested in canon lectures bullshit.. This is an RPG Journal... duuuh!

alcohol, ale, baadger, badger, badgerrr, badgerrrr, badgers mushrooms and snakes, beer, brandy, cyder (the spiced one), digital cameras, getting drunk, gin, meriadoc brandybuck, more ale, more mushrooms, mushhroooms, mushroommm, mushrooms, muuushroom, pipeweed, short term memory, snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake, snaaake, snake, wine